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Who we are:

Sea SaveYours Conservation Society (SSCS) is a group of mostly native Floridians that are avid boaters in and around the Tampa Bay area, it is our goal to help preserve our local ecosystem. We noticed in land water ways  in the bay were being abused along with local sand bars and islands.  We decided to start local clean ups, It didn’t take long to notice the need to form an official group, and here we are. Our name derives from the concept of our charity work is being done for “Our Sea”, we originally were going to be called the Sea Saviors but decided to go with Sea “SaveYours” as a play on words, that we are “Saving Yours”, it is ours to either save or lose.


We host and produce conservation efforts by cleaning up the coastline, beaches, waterways around the Tampa Bay area.  Removing refuse and congestive waste from the environment keeps our natural treasures beautiful and safer for our children and inspires in others, and our youth, the conservation mission we strive to uphold. 


We also help at the community level.  By teaming with organizations such as the USO and VFW chapters we honor our Veterans and needy families in our area with organized events or charitable donations of financial assistance in times of need.  By hosting “FUN”d Raisers with local businesses and vendors we create high profile and dynamic ways to appreciate and give back to our community and give some relief to those in need.  The smiles we receive and the help we provide make what we do so worthwhile! 


We have developed a social interaction/engagement side to our organization by forming a “Gasparilla Pirate Krewe” in addition to our conservation efforts. This allows us to participate in many parades and other social events around Florida.


By doing this, we reach a large public audience, in a fun and engaging way.  We use our social presence, and interaction with the public, to increase awareness about conservation and water safety.

Our Environment

Our beautiful Florida coastlines, lakes, rivers, springs, and ocean waters are under constant attack from human refuse and contamination.  The love of our precious ecosystems and the fun and beauty they provide are the reasons we formed our organization and why we work so hard to protect Florida’s environment.


Tampa Bay is the largest open-water estuary in the state of Florida, with just under 400 square miles at high tide, it spans from the Hillsborough River to the sea side off Anna Maria Island. Not only is our bay an excellent platform for fishing and boating, the bay also supports one of the world’s most productive natural ecosystems. It is here that fresh water mixes with saltwater and becomes one of the finest fish nurseries for young fish, shrimp, and crabs. Over 70% of all fish, shellfish, and crustaceans spend the initial stages of their lives in these inland waters, protected from the dangers of the open ocean. Wildlife is abundant here in Tampa Bay.


The bay supports over 20 species of birds each year including Brown Pelican and the Rosetta Spoonbill as well as a myriad of marine life ranging from dolphins, sea turtles, manatees and over 200 species of fish, all nesting and baring young in our delicate ecosystem.


Although vast, the bay is an average of only 11 feet deep and is world renowned for its beauty and wildlife.  Tourism is one of the bay area’s greatest assets and, now that water quality is on the rise, there is no better time to step in and protect our waterways in our communities.  As the housing market declines and prices drop, more and more people are taking advantage of this opportunity to move towards the water.  Best estimates believe we can expect over 500 people per week per county to be on the move towards the bay.


That amount of increased traffic flow begins to mount a dangerous curve from several perspectives. First, as a safety issue in and among boat ramps, docks, and crowed islands and popular boating destinations.  Second, as a hazard to wildlife which is already facing being crowded out and over fished, And finally, pollution and excessive dumping are threatening the hard work and progress we are making towards a cleaner and more robust environment. It is OUR waterways, it is OURS to protect, clean and educate the future of OUR communities.

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Who We Are...

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals:

 Our water, our community, our future

 We want to work with our community, our county, and the local businesses in and around the Tampa Bay area. Virtually every business and group are impacted by what happens to our environment. Together we can make a difference and keep it safe and clean for many years to come.


Our Mission 

Increasing awareness of our footprint upon Florida's freshwater and marine ecosystems through volunteer advocacy that fosters and educates others about protecting, beautifying, and enjoying those environments in a safe and conscious way.


Our mission (extended)

Sea SaveYours Conservation Society (SSCS) is a nonprofit organization that was established for the promotion and development of safe, economical, enjoyable recreational trailer boating and fishing. We expand our Mission through social networking and action, along providing support for our local ecosystem, coastal water ways, and boat ramps. This support include assistance to the maintenance of the environment, partnering organizations with similar concerns, and building safety awareness with recreational boaters.


Vision Statement:

SSCS continually strives to increase awareness and the enjoyment of our beautiful Florida natural resources and environment by devoting ourselves to the protection of this delicate ecosystem through action, devotion, and education.


Values Statement:

As an organization, and as individuals, we value integrity, personal excellence, continual improvement, and mutual respect. We are focused and committed to the conservation of Florida’s ecosystem. We believe in the power of quality education as the foundation of greater water safety and overall enjoyment of Florida’s freshwater and marine environments. We hold ourselves accountable to our state, our wildlife and our residents by operating with respect to others and the environment in everything we do, at all times.


Goals & Activities:

Our goal is to truly educate the water enthusiast.  From boaters and fishermen, to jet skiers and wake boarders.  Lack of knowledge and carelessness is the leading cause of accidents in the Tampa Bay area (even more so than alcohol.) We are working with local and national corporations in sponsorship programs to educate boaters on safety at boat ramps, their actions that lead to damage to the local natural habitat, the long-term effects of poor decisions on our ecosystems,  Through Fun activities we will clean the barrier islands, remove trash, and educate the younger future boaters of Tampa Bay.


We Need Your Help to Continue Our Mission

By getting involved, volunteering, presenting and attending seminars, and producing “FUN’d Raisers” we make this a fun and educational experience for everyone from the novice to the old salt pro.  Each of us has knowledge to share and always have opportunity to learn more from someone else.



 As we schedule clean ups, projects, seminars, we are in constant need of volunteers from around our bay.  We always need people with experience and skill in the areas we concentrate on, but most of the time, all we need is a smile and a friendly willingness to learn and help out, collect money, pass out fliers, pick up light trash, and just help our cause.  All volunteers are always needed and appreciated and are welcome to help in any way they can.


Donations / Sponsorships

We now have two 21’ Mako center console boats.  They are workhorses and primary backbone for our travel and access through the water ways.  Unfortunately, they are well-seasoned and prone to break down.  Their upkeep and survival rely mostly on sponsorship's and donations to keep them in good working order, along with the trailers, towing vehicles and marine gear to support the vessels.


We are always on the lookout for supplies to help support our mission.  Garbage bags, gloves, shovels, weed eaters, hammers, tools, wire, PVC, gas and oil are just a few of the many items we need to be effective in our efforts.  We gladly accept any donations of items, volunteer time or funding to help us.  We also accept clothing and house items to aid local families in need, so it is safe to say we will accept anything of value to help our community.


It is community support that we depend on, without donations and sponsorship's our efforts will not have near the impact we need to make solid progress.  The more we have, the more we can do!


Please contact us to see how you make a difference in not only our environment, but quite possibly the life of a future boater.  As a 501c3 we will work with you to provide the proper documentation to allow you to receive proper tax credit.


Help us raise funds! 

 We host and attend all kinds of social events in the Tampa Bay area. Donations of restaurant vouchers/discounts, hotel stays, travel packages, sporting equipment fishing equipment, new tools, coolers, tee shirts, donated services, radios, marine equipment, sun glasses, boat shoes and apparel and even art work all add value to raffle baskets or auctions we hold at various events to help bolster our annual budgets for projects. Contributions like these really go a long way!!


We Reach Out with Help to those in Our Community

 As a community-minded nonprofit, we welcome other charitable causes that affect us within our community. For example, we have supported needy families with their expenses and supplies as well as sponsoring a charter service to help Veterans experience great Tampa area sport fishing.  These projects illustrate our devotion, respect and gratitude for the people who make up our community as well as our dedication to helping others in need.


How We Do It...


Topics that we are concerned with:

  • Boat Ramp Safety - Trailering safe boats, FDOT rules and Regulations.

  • Proper Docking and Anchoring.

  • Boat Safety - flotation: children, adults, pets and the law.

  • First Aid / Safety, boat equipment, CPR, Capsize, distress- signals, flares

  • Navigation / night and day

  • Grounding/ flats, estuaries

  • Environmental Impacts

  • Fuel/Oil consumption, spill, clean ups, inboard / outboard

  • Green Products



  • Fishing Line recycling /disposal

  • Ghost Trap cleanup/ fishing traps, crab traps, nets, etc.

  • Inland and barrier island clean ups

  • Boat Ramp clean up and reconstruction


We Offer:

  • Fun and Innovative ways to educate the average boater. 

  • Help with and education on boat ramp safety, etiquette, and proper procedures. 

  • Public awareness of safety issues and concerns within the local waters. 

  • Clean up of over used Eco-friendly lands and boat ramps. 

  • Boat ramp reclamation and removal of marine hazards and debris. 

  • Removal of navigational hazards.

  • Removal of “ghost traps”, fishing line, “dead crab traps” 

  • Civic Minded assistance to residents of our community. 

  • Ongoing “FUN’d Raiser” Mission to support our cause.

Things & Stuff

Sea SaveYours Conservation Society Inc. a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation


Corporate Office:

516 Clemons Rd

Brandon Fl .33510



Incorporated 6/28/2011 by the State of Florida- Doc #: N11000006204


EIN #: 45-2572781


D-U-N-S #: 079324306


Registered with Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs

Registration Number: CH39068

Expiration date: 7/19/2014


Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption (DR-14) 

Certificate Number: 85-8015933154c-0

Expiration date 5/31/2017

Exemption Category : 501c3


Initial Directors and/or Officers

William Collins, President

Jennifer Maxwell, Treasurer

Nicole Ross, Secretary


Insured: Policy Number CPS1939556   effective date 1/27/2014

Scottsdale Insurance Company

Aggregate Limits of Liability  $2,000,000 General Aggregate.


Get In Touch

Thanks for reaching out to us! We will contact you as soon as possible.

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